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Important note on cropping and photo quality:
If you are interested in prints of any of these images which you
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Notes on purchasing prints and products:
The prints are rarely the exact shape of the photo paper. This
can be handled in two ways:
Crop: The photo is cropped to fit the print, so a small portion of
the original is lost either on the sides or on the top and bottom.
Fit: The entire image is included on the print, but there may be 
blank areas either on the sides or on the top and bottom.
For prints you can choose either one. I recommend "Fit".
All T-Shirts are "Fit".

Purchases of electronic files are available. If you would like to
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Image size:
The image size can be determined by the beginning of its name.
3mp = 3 megapixels. Prints look good up to about 8" x 10".
5mp = 5 megapixels. Prints look good up to about 11" x 17".
8mp = 8 megapixels. Prints look good up to about 16" x 20".
These are conservative estimates. Some people make larger prints
and are happy with the results. On the other hand, each indivual
picture will be different depending on the quality of the orignal.

The maximum size that you can view on this Web site is about
half a mega pixel. So there is much more detail in the images than
can be seen here. (This may change in the near future.)
If you have questions or concerns about large prints for any
particular photo please click the link above to send me an e-mail
with the specifics and I'll try to help.

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